Getting my WordPress website ready to use for blogging.

It is soo easy to say “I going to start my own website”. It is time consuming and could be considered an unpaid job or volunteer work. I have new respect for those who have fully functional websites. It has not been an easy to get my website to where I want it. I have started over repeatly, changed the themes a zillion times until I snatched a nice user friendly  theme from called a Public WordPress Theme Xeiro 1.1 (Pronounce it as Zero). I am going to ride with this one until I am at least able to design my website with Adobe Creative Suite. The next thing I did was start toying away with the millions of wordpress plugins that I found over at which have soo many that make you want to put all on your page. I ran into that issue and it will change the format of your theme and with some themes, it will stop all together. Well, this is my venting for the day about getting my website online adsense ready and to blog.

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pin it button Getting my Wordpress website ready to use for blogging.
pixel Getting my Wordpress website ready to use for blogging.

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