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Synthasite Receives $20 Million from Reinet Investments

synthasite Wordpress & TypePad Competition

Don’t look now, WordPress and TypePad, but you may have some serious competition just around the corner.

Reinet Investments saw great potential in Synthasite, a free site-developing platform that started in 2007. Synthasite’s simple drag-and-drop user interface attracted enough users to earn accoloades from TechCrunch, Wall Street Journal, VentureBeat , Business Week.

Synthasite Founder & CEO Vinny Lingham reflected on the site’s remarkable progress since it launched in 2007

When we began building SynthaSite, we wanted to provide the opportunity for anyone anywhere to build a website that would achieve their unique goals, from starting a small business to showcasing their achievements.SynthaSite has grown from just a handful of people to more than 40 individuals in both offices, supporting over one million users.

As a result, Synthasite’s support forum is one of the most active on GetSatisfaction’s network, and its recent “Best of SynthaSite” contest attracted more than 1,000 entrants.

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