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Not every WordPress plugin is created equal. I have seen some disastrous results after installing an plugin for my WordPress blog; only for the script to conflict with the code of my 60+ plugins. Yeah, I really have that many and I use all of the plugins. Beware of outdated plugin information that does not correspond with your WordPress version. Outdated plugins can wreck havoc on a blog and literally take the entire website down. Not all developers update their plugins to correspond with the updated WordPress 2.7.1 Coltrane version. The updated WordPress 2.7.1 makes it extremely easy to find and install official WordPress plugins too. Did you hear they are working on a WordPress 2.8 already….these guys don’t be playing around!

I have been on the hunt for a mobile plugin and by golly, I think I have found it. I test drove it on my own blackberry phone this morning and it worked quite well with WordPress 2.7.1 Coltrane platform. WordPress PDA & iPhone, this plugin helps the users to view your blog in PDA and iPhone browser. By Imthiaz Rafiq

I just got around to signing up for Skype the free version. This is an awesome way for me to see and talk to family, friends and associates. There is just to many ways to connect with folks around the globe these days…..loves it! You can easily import your address book to invite people. I think I am going to absolutely love Skype!

Skype Online Status plugin for WordPress

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