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I finally found an WordPress plugin that will list my homemade videos without a lot of complex code involved to install on your WordPress blog. I have tried several plugins too! WordPress TubePress get my 5 fingers high five for being the most user friendly way to input Youtube videos in your personal/business blog.

Now a sista might be all up on thephotographer4you bringing goodness know what to the nearest computer screen near you.

Please note: The screen for iPhone may appear differently in size than recording with a camera video or video recorder. You have the option of manipulating the size, string of where you want the feed to pull video from and a lot of basic stuff allowable for a freebie account….TubePress does offer Pro accounts. I am not there yet!

This is very cool and I am feeling the video buzz…..don’t be surprise if you show up on thephotographer4you.com

Note to family, neighbors, strangers, friends and anyone in front of my viewfinder. I apologize in advance if there is profanity laced content on my website that you find offensive or you preferred that I keep it on the down-low because your hair or altitude was not camera ready for that day….oh well! You know how I roll if I am invented to your event, I am recording everything…LOL really loud in Maryland. Just know I love you all…especially if I have you all up in my video! Smile and show your best face, you never know who is filming you, a sista like me though don’t care if you catch me unsuspecting and looking a hot mess. Hell, I don’t have a glamor team! Enjoy the the content coming soon to a blog near you….thephotographer4you appreciates your reader and viewership.

Author: Eric D. Hough

Displays gorgeous YouTube and Vimeo galleries in your posts, pages, and/or sidebar. Please visit http://tubepress.org

I followed these instructions and the tubepress plugin activated quite nicely onto my blog listed under videos.:

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