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Every once in a while you come across an plug-in that has meaning and purpose. “Related Ways to Take Action” is such a plug-in; The “Related Ways to Take Action” WordPress Plugin makes it super easy to connect your readers to ways to take action based on the content of your posts. The Plugin identifies the top three keywords for each post and then searches for related campaigns from from Change.org, GlobalGiving.com, Idealist.org, DonorsChoose.org, Kiva, Care2 and over twenty other social change websites. It then automatically loads the top three campaigns for those keywords at the bottom of each of your posts. By Social Actions.

[singlepic id=316 w=448 h=374 float=center]I know that people are losing their job and the economy sucks but perhaps one day you will find a charity that will force you take action because it is close to your heart. When you click on the title on this blog it will the related to ways to take action. This related ways to take action plug-in will give you choices of charitable organizations that would appreciate your help if your down for the cause. For example, homelessness, education, poverty, foster care, tithing my 10% in church and discrimination always get my attention. I swear I struggle with giving but eventually I know deep down inside it is the right thing to do. God has truly bless me with abundance and my health that I feel the need to testify in m blog post from time to time that there is a “God”. Now don’t get it twisted, I still need to work on cussing and a whole lot of other stuff that I don’t feel like sharing right now. Just know that  a lot of us have wayward steps and no one is perfect but I know that “God” loves you anyway and he will keep you in his care~! Peace and learn how to it keep real and God will keep it real for you.

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