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hqdefault WordPress | Font Funkin Your Blog ThemeThe printed Web magazine article did not exactly put it that way….for a minute I have been looking for a way to change the typography of my WordPress theme. The plugins in the WordPress suppository have not been updated for a minute by the developers. Base on my experience with testing driving some of the typography plugins for WordPress; some of the plugins sent my blog to a white page and conflicted with my other favorite plugins. When you update your blog versions…there are some plugins that can’t hang or roll with the new WordPress updates. I wonder what’s going to happen to my blog when WordPress version 3.0 hits? uh huh…some plugins will have to become a wrap. Now if your not the sort of individual to update anything…this does not apply to you.

Typography can be a bit confusing for blog owners to master considering some of the programming code was written with the thought we would want to tinker with our CSS files…Yeah, geeks go hard and only speak in geek language amongst their geeky crew. Perhaps the typography for fonts websites might resolve the typography updates for your blog theme for you too. Tweaking CSS files in WordPress is not for the faint at heart or those folks who are not a tiny bit programming savvy….yeah that shit can get a bit boring and daunting for non geeks.

I knew I should have paid attention in my programming Applications, BASIC and COBOL classes, etc. Lord only knows what language is the “IT” language in the world today. I personally loved Networking with LANS…connecting nodes was more exciting to me. If you don’t have a clue about what your doing or what I am talking about…read up and research before downloading content from the internet because your ass will be reeling and not to mention messing up your perfect WordPress blog setup. Don’t blame me if you have to call your host in a state of panic and loudly cursing at the top of your lungs at your laptop screen that would make your neighbors think you needed a psychologist ASAP! Oh maybe that is just me screaming profanity at my laptop that never ever fix my computer failures but it is cheaper than a therapist. When your host tell you they don’t offer support for your computer problem and call the source…..oh my gee and the WTF did I just do sets in to your state of confusion!

Read and read some more before updating your blog with anything suggested to you to download from the internet that you are not familiar with…I am just saying don’t believe everything you read or hear…check the data for yourself. Grandmother use to say “your mouth ain’t no prayer book! uh huh….All I am saying there is a lot of shit in cyberspace being put up by folks who may or may not have check the information and did not tell you.

Free Fonts can be found at these websites based on Website Magazine May 2010 issue on page 9 titled “Font Fun with WordPress.” I finally got around to checking out the printed magazine which is among the stack of periodicals, magazines and lord only knows what else is amongst the heap of stuff piling up in that corner. For you folks who are tire of reading blog post and writing them, you might want to experiment a little with updating your fonts. There is more in the article but I am bored already with the web magazine article….I rather go dance around in circles than write up word for word of someone else context that I really don’t feel like tracking down to copy and paste in this blog post. Check out the online print for Website Magazine….the contributors do spill the tea and are on point. Those folks know what they are talking about…give them some love.






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