WordPress Blank White Screen Problem!

Today I changed my theme from my favorite theme Xeiro to the CognoBlue 1.0 WordPress theme by Blogsda.com My entire day was consumed with one that starts with following standard debugging techniques and my substandard troubleshooting skills of my website. I call it housekeeping for my blog due to the changes made by WordPress.  I logged into my website later on this afternoon and all I saw was a blank white page. I was completely locked out of the admin screens and could do nothing with the blog apart from post comments!  I could access the admin pages no problem, but whenever I tried to do anything administratively I’d get a blank white screen, change a plug-in setting or write a post or change anything. I have to hit the back button and do an F5 refresh to see the results of it. At the time I figured I’d deal with it later.

I found this information on the net that others have specified:

  • A partially complete upgrade – Solution: Re-upload the upgrade files.

  • FTP Client making a mess of the upgrade – Solution: Get a better FTP client and re-upload the upgrade files.

  • Something failed running /wp-admin/upgrade.php upgrade script – Solution: Find out what failed (check logs), fix it and re-upgrade.

  • Incompatible Plugin Enabled – Solution: Disable all plugins, then add them back one at a time to see which one causes the problem.

  • Adding the new define(’SECRET_KEY’,… parameter into wp-config.php – Solution: Don’t put it at the end of your file, put it before the line that says /* That’s all, stop editing! Happy blogging. */

  • Tons of comments from the developers website.

  • Dalton disable all of my plugins… great I thought, damn I have to re-installed at least 60 plugins. Problem: it didn’t fix my blank white screen problem!

I researched the problem on Google, Blogsda.com website and than finally submitted to contacting my host. Believe me I gave it my all! I finally had no choice but to contact my favorite hosting company hostgator.com and spoke with my all time favorite troubleshooter “Dalton” who began the long and painstaking process of resolving this blank white page issue. Now I knew when I telephone Hostgator, I knew that problems with my WordPress theme and troubleshooting any blog issue was not Hostgator problem to resolve. Dalton has helped me in the past when I first became a Hostgator subscriber….I was as green as they come when setting up my self hosted blog. I knew nothing about CPanel and Fantastico. I called at all hours of the day and night, Hostgator is at your beck and call 24/7. I took that literally and call Hostgator for every website issue pertaining to setting up a blog imaginable. Hostgator will restore your website from a stored backup of your website for a measly $15 in the event of your mistakes of FTPing bad code or a bad unofficial WordPress plugin. Every Hostgator subscriber that use them as an host are lucky that their websites are backed up every Sunday night. Hostgator will have your website back up and you’ll be blogging in less than an hour. Back to this blank white screen issue.  Dalton at Hostgator resolved the blank white screen issue within less than an hour.  That was a long time for Dalton. The problem causing my website to have a blank white screen was found within the function.php within file manager. CognoBlue WordPress Theme by Blogsdna had a few errors in his function.php and there were some JavaScript error and gook where it shouldn’t have been causing the blank white screen which is an horror to bloggers. Dalton found the ugly script by going through my CPanel and accessing my file manager and making the necessary corrections. For a minute there I thought I was going to have to restore my website. I must have asked Dalton at least 10 times what should I do and not once did he suggested a restore. He kept saying one second….it must be that…..OK; I found the problem. Those words were music to my ears. I told him that he should be working for WordPress. I was thrilled and cheesing hard :)  Dalton at Hostgator saved a blogger’s day from hearing those horrible words….you need to restore your website never came. Now I can go gently into my goodnight.

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