WordPress 2.8 Upgrade Issues

 Wordpress 2.8 Upgrade Issues

I spent most of the evening upgrading and searching for a bug in the new release of WordPress 2.8. Today everyone who has a WordPress blog was able to upgrade to the newly released WordPress 2.8. The easy part of upgrading was I was able to use the Upgrade plugins with a single click, install new plugins or themes from an URL or by uploading a file, see which plugins have update notifications enabled, control how often WordPress checks for updates, and more. When used concurrently with the instant upgrade button it will upgrade your WordPress installation with one simple click via the InstantUpgrade panel. Attention: This is a BETA release; if you don’t know what that means, you shouldn’t be using this software. Now of course it was too good to be true that all would be smooth sailing into bloggers land. I contacted my host at hostgator to inquire about some errors that I was getting when I tried to post new entries on my WordPress 2.8 blog; of course they told me it was my template and that it was Worrdpress who was at fault. Sooo not true; it was a third party plugin that was not updated with the new release of WordPress 2.8 I literally had to deactivate every plugin and than reinstall each plugin to find which one was causing conflict to my blog.

These are the plugins that wrecked havoc on my WordPress 2.8 blog These plugins that have not been updated and simply created issues that simulate bugs or an template issue:

  • Obfuscate E-mail

    Obfuscate e-mail addresses that appear as text in your blog in an effort to deter e-mail harvesting spammers while retaining the appearance and functionality of hyperlinks.

  • Ozh’ Admin Drop Down Menu

    All admin links available in a neat horizontal drop down menu. Saves lots of screen real estate! For WordPress 2.8+

  • Pagebar2

    Adds an advanced page navigation to WordPress.

  • Simple Flash Video

    Allows the addition of FLV and MP4 video to blog posts powered by Jeroen Wijering’s FLV Media Player, SWFObject by Geoff Stearns, and Shadowbox by Michael J. I. Jackson

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