Whois looking at your Website Information?

Whois looking at your website information? Everyone who visits Whois. I suggest to those who use Mozilla Firefox to download the SEO tool to be able to view data of websites. I was amazed at how much information is listed for the public to view on the Internet. I particularly love the SEO XRay function which allows you to view anything and everything about a website. While your downloading SEO, try RankQuest SEO Toolbar, SeoQuake and KGen. I strongly suggest those who care about their data being openly viewed by anyone to call up their domain name provider and enroll in Domain by Proxy It only cost $9 a year by Godaddy. That is a small price to pay for privacy. Once your over the surprise about what the SEO XRay reveals about your website than register on Domain tools to block exclusive information from being shown to the public. It is not necessary for for the public to view Server Data, Exclusive Data, Whois Record and your Registry Data.

  • The front page of your website allows viewers to view your website relevancy, Meta Description, Description, AboutUs on Wiki, SEO Score, Terms, Images, Links, iFrames, Related Sites and RSS Feeds.

  • Indexed Data will show Visitors by Country,  Visitors by City, Alexa Trend/Rank, Compete Rank shows how many visitors on the site monthly, Quantcast Rank, and Wikipedia.

  • Registry Data will show viewers who is your ICANN Registrar, when it was created, expires, Updated, Name Server and Whois Server.

  • Server Data will show Server Type, IP Address and Location, and your Domain Status.

  • DomainTools Exclusive will show Registrant Search and information about who is hosting your site.

  • The Whois Record is the one should be concerned about because it shows your address, telephone number, and when the site was created and expires. Basically it gives people the information to contact you directly or show up at your home or corporate office. Domain by Proxy protects your privacy.


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