Whitney Houston’s Back in the game.

Whitney Houston is back in the game and having a great time too! I read the naysayer ish and all I can say to that is put a cork in it. There always going to be something negative you can say about a person when their entire life has been put on the cuttiing board for folks to dissect and judge. Let’s all talk about the new “Whitney” that we have not seen perform in years due to her personal stuff that prevent her from looking and singing her best. Hell yeah it is a tough thing to get infront of your peers and sing your heart out like nothing ever happend during your career. For Whiteney to perform in honor of Clive Davis and her peers after all that negative publicity with her x-husband exposed nationwide and any other media that tried to show her at her worst. Girl was fighting some demons way back when and she had to get that monkey off of her back….the main one would be “Bobby” and his entire family, his baby mama drama and crack being the reason for the odd behaviour. Whitney is on her grind to claim her rightful throne. I love it when a demon can’t keep your back up against the wall for too long. I grew up on Whitney………all I can say is that Whitney’s god given voice is the business! Clapping and cheesing hard….”Whitney’s Back”! She can only get better with time. She needs to build her confidence back up to really perform in front of the same folks that called her everything but fabulous Whitney Houston with the angelica voice. I will keep her in positive thought and prayers. Whitney still has it and it will take another year before we truly see the star belting out old and new Whitney Houston hits. Get it girl! She is every women and can get it done naturally! On another note; she has this chance to prove to the youngins that she is the original “DIVA” and no one could have done it better. It would be kind cool to watch Jennifer Hudson, Mariah Carey, Beyonce, Rihanna, Hamilton, Usher, Neyo, TI, Lil Wayne, Jamie Fox, Steve Wonder, Glady Knight, Cher, Madonna, Jonas Boys and Robin Thick and all the hip hop and a whole slew of Rock, Country and RB singers perform a song that would generate proceeds to help victims of major disasters and assist families during this economic disaster. Now that would be hell of a comeback!

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