When Love Goes Terribly Wrong.

By now every news source and blog has given their two cents about the Rihanna and Chris Brown fall out. Talk about a viral effect, my goodness, to bad this is a negative event. Just think if this energy went into something positive about relationships between young couples. We wouldn’t be reading about it. Chris Brown has allegedly flown to Vegas and Rihanna went running home to momma as a young woman of her age should; go home to momma. Everyone has taken sides and thus far Rihanna has garnered the most sympathy. Personally, it is a bunch of bullshit. No one was there but Rihanna and Chris. Unless you’re an insider or received a call from either one, the shit were reading is a bunch of horse manure. I am not saying Chris Brown was justified in hitting her but let’s think about this hypothetically for a moment. These are two young adults in comparison to my age and there are folks who have become obsessed with their celebrity. If there were some issues that needed to be addressed, there were plenty of adults around these young folks to advise them of their toxic behavior. Don’t you just love it when shit hits the fan; everyone has a story to sell. Chris Brown is a 19 year old young man and Rihanna is woman not yet 21 years old. They find themselves thrust into the limelight and making a whole lot of money. They are making more than they have ever seen in their entire lives on this earth. The world becomes their playground; they have sex freely and spend lavishly on one another. There is bound to be trouble.  There are conflicting reports about these two, they argue excessively and cuss one another out according to the news sources, you know those other blogs that claim to have the inside scoop. You know all up in each other face behind the scenes. All of sudden, out of the clear blue sky a “Ike and Tina” turner scenario happens on a side street that may cost Chris Brown his career and leave Rihanna looking like the victim. I don’t trust nor do I believe the police reports. This story is a case of when love goes terribly wrong between two very young people who obviously caught some real emotional feelings toward one another. Jealousy, lust, money and tons of sex will make any couple act out from time to time. I have two sons and if they came home and this type of incident went down. Yes; they should protect and defend themselves from any harm.  I was always told that a woman should not get in a man’s face; don’t slap him if you don’t want to get slapped back. Our society has this misconception that men are not allow to protect themselves?  There are men in this society who are physically and emotionally abused everyday and every second.  On a side note; it is premature on advertisers and companies he has contracts with to presume that this young man is guilty before he is proven innocent. All the facts have not been release publicly about this alleged aggravated assault and domestic violence incident from Rihanna and Chris Brown.  For all we know these two may get married and live happily ever after.

What if she was punching him in the face while he was driving? They both could have been killed.

What if she did snatch the keys out of the ignition? Now what is that about…?

What if she was biting him like a caged animal while he was driving?

What if he was defending himself against her violent attacks while he was driving?

What if they were both doing drugs?

What about the bite marks on his hands?

If she was badly beaten why hasn’t she come out publicly like Evangelist Juanita Bynum, remember when she was beaten by her husband, sister came forward and put him on blast.

What about the alleged cold sore that looked like a herpes lesion on her lip several week ago on urban blogs? Nowadays people get worked up over a cold from a love one; now imagine knowing first hand that someone has transferred a STD or contagious disease to you? Ballistic comes to my mind!

I ain’t saying it is right for him to hit her. I am just saying let’s keep this story real for real human beings in relationships. Just think, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Maybe he buy her some jewels, flowers, chocolate; than they will be kissing and hugging again on everyone’s blog and the news source would be reporting! Look at that young cute couple in love again! Gag me with a spoon already, shit happens when love goes terribly wrong, just ask anyone who has been married for a long period of time. Let this be an example how quickly your butt can get thrown under the bus.

Disclaimer: To some of my readers, I know my opinion may not be to some of your liking. There are two side two a coin just like there are two sides two a story. It takes two to tango. Never believe half of everything you read or hear. I am a firm believer that there has to be proof, the evidence is not clear in this alleged case of domestic abuse and aggravated assault. The facts of this story don’t add up. Right now this story is hotter than our Stimulus Plan that got approved by the Senate. We really need to move on from it and get focus on what’s going down with our economy and our pocketbooks.

Are Rihanna & Chris Brown Good For Each Other?

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