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A week ago I discovered a WordPress plug-in call Pro Player. I had read a comment to an issue that I was having with the plugin working with YouTube. One of the readers on the page explained how to resolve the issue by converting video to FLV format.  AVS4YOU had a YouTube Downloader that would resolve the issue of downloading YouTube videos that can be posted on my blog. I love Pro Player but it can make you think your page is messed up if you search for videos directly through my category feature, plus there were some bugs with the WordPress plugin that the developer was working on. I found that Pro Player is a great tool when used with the YouTube Downloader. It is a free software that allows you to download videos from YouTube and convert them. Quite frankly anyone with a blog and video lovers from YouTube should have this handy software installed on their computer. It is grade A+ and then some.

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While surfing the website called Blog DNA of the developer who created the Cogno Blue theme template that this website is using.  I discovered more goodies that are practical and user friendly while surfing the Blog DNA website for updates for my theme. Download Daily Motion, Myspace, Google and for Mozilla Firefox lovers there is the ultimate Firefox Add-on video downloading tool called NetVideoHunter that installs in the blink of an eye. Some of you experts and guru’s in the techie world may have already been aware of these free video downloading tools but there are family, readers and friends that read my website that has never heard of these video downloading freebies. You can never have too many tools to use with your blog, it makes for a great web experience. There are thousand of video downloading tools on the web. If you come across any free to holla at me. Enjoy.

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