Upgrading to Next Generation Plugin

Finally! I did it. For a minute there I was a bit  hesitate to update anything with the updated Next Generation plug in because of their lack of stellar comment’s from other users and the constant complaints did not help either. I took the plunge and went on ahead and upgrade the Next Generation plug-in. I need to find out what this cool plug-in is capable of for my WordPress 2.7 Coltrane blog. It is one of my favorite applications to use with the Word-press 2.7 Coltrane blog…

A NextGENeration Photo gallery for the Web 2.0. Next Generation is an excellent photo gallery manager and throw in music clip and video and you have a full package. Despite dude moving to his new abode, he continue to communicate with us users about the status of the Next Generation plug-in. I love this plug-in. During all of the new updates create by Word-press 2.7 Coltrane a lot of blogs was left holding useless application which no longer perform the same functions because they were not updated to function with Word-press 2.7 Coltrane. Thus far I have to give this  a go and send all of the issues i encounter to the developer, Alex Rabe. Dude it is still a top shop application for digital images. I still need to learn the in and out of the application. Thanks for the cool tool! Overall this is an handy tool capable of handling video and digital imaging. and more…..perhaps I will start hosting my digital imaging on my site inclusive of flickr. The capabilities to be very creative is permitted with this Next Generation Application.

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Kudos for Image and detailed Canon ESO Mark 5D Review: Ken Rockwell

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