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When I initially started to put together my website with WordPress I thought it would be an extremely difficult process. I contacted my host at www.hostgator.com to find an solution and was told that I needed to FTP everything through my file manager and go to http://www.cpanel.net/index.html to learn how to use it. Hostgator is an excellent host and I have no complaints nothing but love for the company because they always answer the phone 24/7. Their packages are bad either and they grow with your website. Enough gushing about hostgator, well I was told that I could simplify the uploads of plugins by using http://filezilla-project.org/ which is free and very user friendly to endusers like me. My knowledge of html, scripting and uploading was a bit dusty. I was literally taking baby steps to get my WordPress scripts loaded for my website. Now you can’t tell me nothing, somehow all that information system information that lied dormant in my left brain begin to stir and come alive. The flow was amazing, I know this stuff as I begin to upload WordPress Plugins and themes through filezilla to my hostgator account. For about two weeks I kept changing my themes because the selection was huge. I couldn’t make up my mine and I knew that I need to select a theme. I did not have to use my cpanel to upload anything once I installed the filezilla program to my computer. Of course through trial and error I became familiar with the FTP process.  Now I am blogging baby! There is an WordPress plugin everyone should have and it is my favorite. It alerts you to newer versions of your plugins and WordPress versions. If you don’t have

InstantUpgrade 1.0-beta2 Upgrade your WordPress installation with one simple click via the InstantUpgrade panel. Attention: This is a BETA release; if you don’t know what that means, you shouldn’t be using this software. By Alex Günsche.

you are making yourself work to hard to run your site. This upgrade plugin is the best even though it is still in the beta stage. Everytime I log into my WordPress account it alerts me to any upgrade that I am in need of for my WordPress website.  All I have to do is hit the upgrade button, it is done for you. No knowledge of html or programming language needed.

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