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There is a twitter tool database available for those addicted and new to the twitter platform. Well, if your not addicted you might become addicted after you learn and master how twitter can work for you. The twitter database is fantastic! Need to change your background images and design? Want to have twitter on your mobile phone? Want to make your twitter more productive and fit into your professional world. Want to integrate your WordPress blog with twitter? Than you need to check out the twitter database. It has tons of twitter tools for blogs, businesses, twitters, and shoppers. There are over 100 and more applications in the twitter database for twitter. All I can say is; WOW; it doesn’t get any better than this unless you surf over to the mashable blog, which is filled with a collection of stuff that will blow your mind.  No need to look any further than this twitter database unless of course it is not in the database. If your going to be on the web and operating an blog you may as well do it almost like the big boys. This is my twitter tip for the day. Check it!

On a side note: I can’t tweet about every feature but the ones I am using on this blog and with my twitter account. Thus far I have not had any issues with installations. There are a lot of twitter tools in the database. I strongly recommend that you read through the list before installing.

Twitbacks Another twitter application to customized your twitter page. You may find this to be very easy. Just create and click. Boom, its done!

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