TwitPwr Measure Blog Statistics and Analytic’s

There is nothing like a tool which gives you the real skinny about your blog Statistics and analytic’s. Needless to say there are multiple tools on the Internet that claim to measure your blog activity. I have not found any of the measuring statistic and analytic tools available on the Internet to be right on the mark and they all lack synergy with measuring the numbers concurrently. In another words, the ranking websites don’t sync with one another to obtain a blogs performance and statistics.  Alexa ranking, Compete, website traffic and Google Analytic’s all report different information about your blogs performance. TwtPwr is right on the mark, boy let me tell you the real deal! It sure boost my ego looking at my blogs activity for a day.  Simply login to your twitter and put anyone’s website url in the window and you will be amazed at the numbers. Thanks to a twitter twiend sending me his facebook information along with this new twitter tool information….I was baited and hooked from the word; Go girl and get it! You can check your own blogs performance while your there checking out other statistics.This is my observation based on the mapping of my own numbers across the board with the ranking folks. Quite frankly, I take it all with a grain of salt!

I like to thank all of the visitors who visit my blog. I am like a sponge…I soak up a lot of information every day. I love sharing information. I notice based on the TwitPwr tool my visitors are perusing my content that I post on this blog. Keep it real and keep your heads up folks!

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