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I started experimenting with my blog today with plugins I found on the Internet that totally screwed up my WordPress 2.6.3 blog write post panel buttons. I couldn’t leave well enough alone, oh no I wanted to try something different for my blog. I do have a weakness for test driving beta software, technology, cameras and WordPress plug-ins.  The best advice I can give is when your done setting up your blog housekeeping such as getting all the security, images, video plug-ins and anything else that works; leave it the hell alone and don’t trust anyone unless they know what they are doing. I had to restore my entire WordPress 2.6.3 blog with the help of my host Hostagator which does weekly backups of all there information on their servers. Thank goodness for that because I am too lazy to keep up with it all. It only cost $15 to get a backup and to me that is a very small price to pay for my information on my website. Blogging is not for the faint at heart. It is a lot of work and I that is why bloggers solicit donations to offset the cost of blogging. Information is valuable and should not be taken for granted. It is more valuable than ignorance. I totally lost all of my postings and comments for this week. The plug-ins that wrecked havoc on my WordPress blog was something I was very interest in using on my WordPress 2.6.3 blog. It was a hassle to install them and getting to work was a horrible experience. Well I got to keep it moving regardless. It is 4:53 in the morning and I need to go lay down and take a nap. When all is said and done you have to keep on trucking baby! These are the questionable plug-ins to throw caution to the wind. Unless they come out with updates for WordPress 2.6.3 I am leaving them right were I found them!: Wordtube I would have love to have this plug-in but unfortunately it did not work with WordPress 2.6.3 and that could have been the case for all of the plug-ins that I wanted to try. They are actually considered good plugins for previous version of WordPress but apparently have not updated the plug-ins for WordPress 2.6.3 Jeromes Player Another good plug-in that raves about the FLV player. I thought I had it working than the plug-in totally disappeared from the lineup? what’s up with that. I am not sure but it is a lot of work to get this plug-in to function correctly. I am too lazy for that; all I want to do is download and activate than change some setting. Here is the JW FLV MEDIA PLAYER 4.2 I tried everything to get it working and I found it to be a bit time consuming plus it disappeared from my menu. After spending damn near a day on this WordPress plug-in I just use the pre-install plug-in to upload videos and media. Now don’t get me wrong this is a sweet plug-in and it looks great too! Anarchy Another good plug-in with a download and activate. I don’t think this one gets updated for the current versions of WordPress 2.6.3+ Viper Video I was really looking forward to using this plug-in. I installed it and it conflicted with Next Gene Gallery. Once it was installed it took a moment for the buttons to appear on my write post panel in WordPress 2.6.3 They would not work for shit. When I un-installed Viper Video it deleted every button from my write post section along with its own icons. Now this cause serious shit to happen to my blog. Causing it to not function until I finally had to call my host to restore my entire WordPress 2.6.3 blog to it settings before I start experimenting with external WordPress plug-ins. The best advice I can give you that I’ve learned today is don’t install sh%t before creating a backup of all of your hard work before installing third party plug-ins. Install all of your plug-ins for your WordPress blog from the official WordPress website and unless you know your source don’t start experimenting with your blog. settings. That’s it! [singlepic=43,320,240,watermark,]

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