‘Trojan Horses’ Target Apple Computers

Beware of downloading anything from torrent websites on the Internet for MACs. You might end up with a trojan horse virus that could become your worst nightmare. That’s not the one in the square packaging either.

On the Internet:

Some illegal Apple downloads found to contain Trojans

CEA SmartBrief | 01/28/2009

Illegal versions of Apple’s iWork 09 productivity software and Adobe’s Photoshop CS4 For Mac apparently contained “Trojan Horse” viruses that allow a remote user to take over the affected computers. The iWork Trojan, which about 20,000 people unwittingly downloaded off the Internet, was discovered last Wednesday, and the Photoshop bug, downloaded by about 5,000, was found Sunday. Wall Street Journal, The (subscription required) (01/27)

Read: Pirated iWork ’09 installer may contain trojan horse (Macworld.com)

Read: Trojan Found in Pirated Copies of Adobe Photoshop CS4 for Mac

As well, if you’ve been hit by this piece of malware, a removal tool is available here. (Please note: I have not tested it.)

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