TI’s Road to Redemption

By now this video is making its round on the Internet. There has been different versions of what he said during his moment of redemption, however, this is straight from TI’s mouth. From his mouth to God’s ears! TI giving thanks to the almighty God is a good thing. This brotha understands his plight and why he is in the ish he is in. I hope and wish the best for TI when he serves his time behind bars. I am hoping that the effort that he has put into turning his life around is the real deal! I am sure that what happen with Paris, Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Richie will not happen with TI; I would be surprise if it did and so will he. Perhaps he will be able to complete his jail time on house arrest due to the lack of security protection for his celebrity or there is over crowding to prevent him from being housed. I don’t condone the use of guns nor to a person carrying firearms but I guess it is his purpose in his life to serve the prison sentence. My family has seen its share and use of firearms by others that took the lives of love ones. TI’s “Road to Redemption” is his own walk and no one else’s. I can’t judge the brotha because my ish isn’t perfect. Jeez, is anyone perfect on this earth? I believed that our lives are already pre-ordained and already written in the good book. TI should write a book while he is on lock-down. I just hope they protect this man while he is behind bars. The justice system is deep and can be very one sided! Believe me when I tell ya! My prayer is with his family and his children. If he is really serious about change he would marry “Tiny” before he is locked up. This is just my humble opinion.

Source: Bitchie TV

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