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Where do you live online? Retaggr has the largest collection of social networking button I’ve come across on the Internet that is all in one place. There are websites that I never heard of before checking out this website. I could not get it to work with my theme because the WordPress plug-in has not been updated since WordPress 2.5.1 according to the official WordPress website. It is still a very cool social bookmarking website!

Another DandyID cool social bookmarking buttons that gives you the ability to share your data to various social sites, plug-ins, widgets, and more. You can download the WordPress plugin and place your social bookmarking tool on your blog sidebar like I did.

Both of these social bookmarking button tools for your blog are very easy to use. I am amazed at the number of social bookmarking websites that are on the Internet. It would take me forever to sign up for every socializing website on the Internet. I prefer to use the DandyID button because it does not conflict with any of my WordPress 2.7 Coltrane plug-ins and it has been kept undated to function on the WordPress 2.7 Coltrane platform

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