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While surfing through theybf celebrity blog I notice a button on her site called Sharethis and I immediately thought it would be a cute button on my WordPress blog. I couldn’t help but to snatch the information from the shareit button website and paste it into the box during the configuration. It was too easy to put it on my WordPress blog. It is cleaner to look at, less clutter than the Social bookmarking button that I had on my WordPress blog. It tracks activity on your button views, clicks and a whole slew of neat stuff. Cute gadget for your WordPress blog. Check it out for yourself!

Check out what the site have to say to publishers: Publishers

Publishers and website owners can embed the ShareThis button on their sites at no cost. ShareThis enables site users to share content throughout the web to contacts located on Facebook, MySpace, and AIM, as well as Email and through text messaging to mobile devices. This effectively increases the amount of viewers of the publisher’s content.

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