Search Engine Optimization is Fake

Is Search Engine Optimization fake or real! The reason why I ask this question; there are literally millions of people on the Internet claiming to be an expert on Search Engine Optimization. You hear Search Engine Optimization geeks telling you they made thousand of dollars per month from their blog. I am beginning to wonder how in the world can anyone manage thousands of website per month unless they have a team of people managing the site or a high volume website. For a newbie Search Engine Optimization looks very unobtainable. It is hard to manage one website let alone thousands. How do you get the blog optimized to benefit from Search Engine Optimization.

  • Search Engine Optimization is fake until I start making money from it. That’s my opinion and I am sticking to it. What is it? Search Engine Optimization

  • First you come up with a name for your website. Than you register your domain name with companies like Hostgator or GoDaddy They offer extremely low rates for setting up your own independent blog and hosting your WordPress 2.6.3 website After that is done your ready to do some housekeeping with your blog by selecting a theme and wordpress plugins. Don’t be like me; I got my domain at least a year before I decided to get serious about blogging. Well it’s been a three months and I am still blogging……

  • Start using free toys like Keyword Tracker or you can paid for version of Keyword Tracker ,Google Adwords , Trellian ,Microsoft Adwords , and than you have Google Traffic Estimator There are paid versions of some of these Keyword tools but why buy them when your new to blogging. You still have to learn how to use the functions of your WordPress 2.6.3 blog and build traffic. I just saying take your time shelling out any cash until your certain you want to stick with blogging otherwise it would be a waste of money.

  • I use Mozilla FireFox and Opera which I find to be faster than Internet Explorer. There is a tool call SEO Firefox which will show you all the data of any website on the Internet, the rank, how long, it will show who is linking to your site and who they are linking to you. This plug-in can only be install after you download Mozilla. Powertool and amazing to watch in action.

  • Check out competing blogs by using Google Blogsearch get all your news in one place by using Google Reader and technorati

  • Check out my post about plugins if your using WordPress 2.6.3. I have links to most of the sites to download WordPress Plugins

  • Sign up for Google Adsense, your site can benefit. Google uses the same technology to target Adsense ads that it uses to create search results. Something called a webcrawler, a spyder, or a bot count the number of times different words used on your site and examines the words surrounding them. Than the the program determines if your site is using keywords. Words such as a, an, the, and, nor, or, but, and ect are ignored by the crawler.

  • Link Building I hear a lot about and I read a lot about it too> some say using no follow while others are against it. I say that is a personal choice because it is your blog and you know what you want from it. Search Engine Optimization plays a role in the Adsense and how well your site is going to place in the search results. In another words people are going to link to you and other link to them and soo on. Be careful that you don’t violate Googles policy. Internal linking are pages on your website are linked together. These types of link are not that important. External linking is the most important because it is links you use to connect your websites to other sites on the web and it plays a part in how your website is categorized by search crawlers. External links lead away from your website and search crawlers look to see where your page is headed and connected to. If your site is linked with too many that are off topic your website can become devalued and it becomes useless to site visitors. Reciprocal linking is basically asking another site if you can link to it if you’ll do the same for them. Stay clear of this type of linking it can effect your ranking on the Internet.

Remember to follow Google Adsense Rules don’t click your own ads it the most important rule of all!

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