Qtranslate SUCKS with a capital “S”


This website is experiencing some issues due to an plugin called QTranslate which has changed the header of this blog and the search box pops up unexpectedly. This plugin sucks with a capital “S”. Do not install this plugin onto your WordPress 2.7 Coltrane Blog. The plugin page developer is very slow to respond. I can almost guess that they do not have an immediate reaction to the WordPress 2.7 Coltrane bloggers who have installed the Qtranslate 2.0 + plugin. I am searching for a fix or an answer on how to remove it from my blog. I tried deactivating every plugin, changed the themes and delete the plugin. Nothing happens and the header message remains on the blog. Please pardon this screwup on my blog. Oh yeah it changes the display of spell check and your headings on your write post page. I really need to install the security plugin on my blog to prevent this type of mishap. As I said many times before no plug is created equal. It appears since WordPress has updated to 2.7 several plugins are not compatible with the new changes to the platform causing a lot of folks blogs to go haywire. WordPress should ban developers who create shitty WordPress plugins, it doesn’t make them look good to have folks on their official page who don’t practice professionalism and respond in a timely manner. Oh and that excuse that you have another job, well bad reviews aren’t good for someone who develop plugins for a blog interface either.

By the way you will need to deactivate the Lijit Search 1.01 By Crowd Favorite for Lijit Networks Inc..to prevent that annoying popup caused by Qtranslate installation earlier today. It sucks I tell ya!

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