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Easy Plugin for WordPress is very easy to install to your WordPress plug-in directory to use within your blog post. I love the Picasa symbol display. ! It does not work with buythisimage yet! I was looking for a way to upload images at larger resolution with higher mega-pixels. Easy Picasa solves that issue by allowing me to install slide-shows in my blog post. Simply download Picasa from Google to sync with your blog and your done! I love flickr but what I have found is that anyone can download and use your images across the Internet. I found an image of mine being used on some-one’s blog, they gave me credit and I was flattered, but…… I have displayed flickr images on this blog. I am sure its flattering to the photographer; but……. I began to think is this what flickr intend to happen with uploaded digital images that are copyrighted? There is not an easy way to censor digital images to my knowledge that are uploaded to the Internet but someone should come up with an easy solution. The pictures are really awesome when viewed using Cooliris

8 Easy Picasa for WordPress

our%20house%20copy2 Easy Picasa for WordPress

Pardon the comment early about the buythisimage not working correcting with the Easy Picasa for WordPress plug-in.  It does not work with the slide-show, duh right, I am loving the combination already….this is going to be interesting working with both of these plug-ins. I have nothing against using Internet Explorer but the buythisimage is not showing up in my Internet browser.

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