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When I changed my WordPress theme all sorts of things were breaking down and not functioning correctly on my blog. Once the kinks and glitches were fix everything fell into place and started functioning correctly. I noticed before the fix my NextGen slideshow no longer worked and my newest WordPress plug-in BuythisImage ceased to exist anywhere on my blog. Now it is showing up all over the place offering new and older images for sale. Note: Be clear about the sell of images on this website, disregard the for sale sign under the images unless it is noted in my post that the image is for sale. I got tired really quick and bored with the process of going back and deactivating the buythisimage for sale for every image on my website. Well, all is well in thephotographer4you blogging world. I love the BuythisImage plug-in because it can be installed on flickr, email, blogs and of course WordPress blogs. This may change the game for stock imaging and put some power in the hands of the digital photographer. Buythisimage allows you to setup your pricing too! I am still trying to figure out how to use the NextGen smooth plugin….I am not sure if it has bugs at this point or is it me? It does require time and patience which I don’t have right now to dedicated to the installation of the NextGen Smooth plug-in. The NextGen plug-in for digital images is one of the best and easiest plug-ins that I have found on the Internet to install on your WordPress 2.7 blog. Alex.Rabe created another WordPress 2.7  plug-in you might want to check out called WordTube.

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Courtesy of Celebrity Photographer DBlanks

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