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Why put a nofollow free tag on your WordPress 2.7 Coltrane blog: To encourage people who visit my website to comment and share the link juice.

What is it? WordPress defines the nofollow attribute better than I could. Who knew that blogging can be very complex in terms of behind the scenes housekeeping to keep the comment spammers out of your blog and to encourage comments from your visitors. Every bit of security works to prevent the blog from getting inundated with so called “comment spam”. I will try anything once to keep my blog running smoothly and to encourage visitors to post their comments freely.

NoFollow Free

Author: Michele Marcucci

This WordPress plugin remove the “nofollow” attribute from your wordpress blog’s comments (precisely from the author’s links) and/or from the comments text links and it inserts (if you want) an image band at the top of your pages with the phrase: “NOFOLLOW FRE” to encourage your users to submit comments. The last release includes new options to replace the nofollow only when the author posted X comments before and put back the nofollow when some blacklisted words are matched. The replacement of the nofollow is also based on the users type (registered and visitor users). Every option cna be customized by the options page “NOFF”.

NoFollow Free now is multilingual, it supports English, Spanish, Italian, German, Turkish, Swedish, French, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Danish, Arabic, Croatian, Norwegian, Indonesian, Dutch, Hungarian, Chinese, Japanese, Polish amd Finnish languages.

Now it comes with a nice sidebar Widget support to show the top ten charts for the top commenters.

Blurp about nofollow found on the Internet.

Almost all blog platforms by default are set up so that a “dead end” piece of code is inserted wherever there is a link in a comment, so that search engines will not “count” the link as they are crawling the internet. This was originally designed to help stop comment spam, but it doesn’t work. What it does is remove some of the incentive for your readers contribute to your site by commenting on your posts.

What can you do about it? Turn off “nofollow”. Show your commenters that you appreciate them. Spread the link love.

How? Depending on the blog platform you’re on, you can install a plugin (like this one for WordPress), or disable it (see this post if you’re a Moveable Type user), or modify your template (check this site for Blogger tips).

Turning off the “nofollow” on blog comments has become a sort of “movement”. Well, if we’re going to have a movement, we should have something to show our readers that we’re part of it, don’t you think? I’ve created some little “I Follow” logos that would work well for a side bar, and if you’ve written a post letting your readers know that you’ve turned off nofollow in your comments, you could link the logo to that post. I’ve also set up some quick CSS if you’d rather

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