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I finally found a way to make my site mobile. Jeez there are literally WordPress plug-ins for virtually everything and anything that you can imagine for your blog. However, not all WordPress plug-ins are created equal. I look for simplicity, ease of use and functionality. When the WordPress configuration during installation requires a lot of this code and put this in the html file, they lost me and I am no longer interest in using the plug-in. I have found that after going through the long configuration of installing an WordPress plugin which by the way could take hours if your a newbie and the instructions are vague and complex, you still can’t get the WordPress plug-in to work. I like to test drive my plug-ins before I post them on my blog to share with other bloggers. I am beginning to think that some of the blogs out here are just simply compiling a list. It looks good but it doesn’t do anything for the blogger if that plug-in your installing on your blog hasn’t been test driven. I love reading the comments of other commenter’s, they will tell you a lot about the plug-in and if there were any problems with the plug-in on their website. Anything negative from a comment, I will not install it on my website.

Mobilize by Mippin WordPress Plugin 1.2- the best plugin by far and the easiest to install onto my WordPress 2.6.3 website. I was able to pull it up on my blackberry with no problem. Loves it! Awesome plugin for your WordPress blog.

This plugin will detect cell phones, and redirect to where your content is perfectly rendered using your Blog’s RSS feed content. If the device is a PC then it renders as normal. By Robin Jewsbury based on Mike Rowehl’s original mobile plugin.

Now these plugins made me scratch my head and they literally did nothing on my WordPress blog. Nothing happened in my browser except an error message. I believe it may have something to do with not keeping up with the different versions of WordPress.

MobilePress 1.0.2- my blog did nothing and I kept getting server issues.

Turn your WordPress blog into a mobile website. By Younique.

WordPress PDA & iPhone 1.2.6

This plugin helps the users to view your blog in a pda and iPhone browser. By Imthiaz Rafiq.

WordPress Mobile Edition 2.1a

Show a mobile view of the post/page if the visitor is on a known mobile device. Questions on configuration, etc.? Make sure to read the README. By Alex King.

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