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old wordpress Lets Talk Industry | WordPress SMSMost new and veteran bloggers today use WordPress as their platform…free and self hosted, it’s all the same to me except self hosting your own blog gives the blogger more options and features. I believe that if an individual is going to blog about everything from the kitchen sink to posting naked digital images of themselves; it is important to stay abreast of the new features and plugin updates for their WordPress blog. There are several bloggers in cyberspace who are extremely passionate about educating and informing the WordPress masses about what is happening within the WordPress cyberspace headquarters.

If I had to keep it 100% I personally would not trust everyone touting to be experts in cyberspace. Based on my own experience and attempting to try every new WordPress plugin feature…some of those developer folks are on some other shit that can wreck havoc on a fully functional WordPress blog. Programming code or a line missing in their code? Install the wrong WordPress unauthorized plugin and you will be on the phone with your host screaming that it is their fault that your blog is white spaced out and no one can access the information on your blog. The articles below give you the 411 about what is going on over at the WordPress headquarters and I trust the geeks until they blunder. Thus far they have been on point and seems to know what they are talking about..when in doubt simply visit the WordPress direct website for the deets.:

Dan Roundhill, an Automattic engineer, writes about the new WordPress SMS feature for hardcore bloggers who blog on the go. WordPress.com has been adding and updating features free and paid.

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