Jamie Foxx Being Blacklisted By Blogger

According to Sandra Rose blog another blog is angry for talking about teen superstar Miley Cyrus. This blogger is stating she would have never had Jamie Foxx on her show. OMG! Do you really think he give a horse manure about what anyone thinks about him. He always say that he the black Howard Stern. His favorite slogan on his show is “What’s crackin’ but the crack of your ass”. By now everyone including Miley Cyrus know who Jamie Foxx is and that he brings the raw in your face comedy on his Sirius radio talk show called Foxxhole. I say get over it! Everyone is not going to favor the same celebrities and after all it is his show which allows anyone to come on and vent like their momma ain’t watching. There are worst things that are happening right now than getting your feelings hurt over what another celebrity say about another celebrity. Miley Cyrus is reaching that ripe ole age where she may bust out like Britney Spears did…running around Hollyweird like she lost her mind and sleeping with anyone who would bed her. She is in the news for nude shots on the Internet and sleeping with a 19 year young rocker. She is not that innocent! In a few years from noe Miley will be blaming it on the alcohol.

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