Time to Weed Social Media Groups

human brain map Time to Weed Social Media Groups

Over time you will find you have accumulated a social media library collection of inactive and subpar groups in your social media circle. I had a epiphany several days ago about continuing to participate in “said” groups I may have liked eons ago. After a while I have come to believe we outgrow our cyber circles for several reasons.

Red question mark Time to Weed Social Media Groups


  • The conversation changes. It goes to the left or right, political, religious and social differences, discrimination practices, lack of diversity in the social circles, bigotry, practicing “satanism” and what does “GOD” have to do with asinine opinions?
  • No interaction in the group from the group members. No we don’t get along. The collection of people can go terribly wrong when folks are on some asinine shit. Justsaying collecting bodies remind me of the prison system. You ain’t nothing but a number baby. Especially when someone comes for your wig, give a real opinion and they not riding the “YES” and agreement train. HA!
  • Sort of feels creepy to be the only one spewing while the group lurkers are watching in the background.
  • Group members outgrow one another.
  • Group members do not have shared interest.
  • Hostile responses to new members that are not part of the “IT” circle of group members.
  • Alienation from group members because of something a member may have posted.
  • Not enough participation from group members.
  • Stealing content. Posting it as your own with out acknowledging original poster. A major no no….not cute at all!
  • Lack of sharing images.
  • Trolls that start ish among the group.
  • Get rich schemes on the newstream that are bogus. You know who you are…I’ve address some of you. You got some shit to say. WELL I have a lot of shit to say in response to your bogus scam. Especially those folks using Western Union as their pipelines to steal from folks in the United States. I have a story about that shit….a Nigeria story that my daddy believed! HA! Don’t even get me started asshole. MOFO!
  • Not allowing members to spew in a respectful manner. Example.: Someone leaves a stat. A group member answers. He/she comes John Doe and Jane knocking down the response of another group member. Fall back groupie…..I ain’t the one. I can’t tell you how many times I had to bite the tongue and bit the dust to avoid a confrontation angry black woman response. HA!
  • Unwillingness to share images relatable to the stat…posting a stat without a image is almost like being blindsided by bullshit.
  • It is one thing to spiritual, religious and high mighty on your own convictions. When folks leave comments that are downright offensive, discriminatory and assout. Get the stepping…..I thought this newsfeed was a open forum that welcomes dialogue? Again….I am learning to channel energy to a positive stream that welcome folks commentary. Thanks for letting me know in a subliminal tone/text that my commentary is not welcome, not wanted and you’re a scullywag asswipe. I can say that on thephotographer4you.
  • Spam need no explanation. EPICFAIL!
  • The group lack transparency ~ after viewing the same content a 10 times plus. Boring…like really.
  • Negative bantering feedback to positive posting. Like really there’s a pill for that. Go seek medical treatment.
  • Bashing and bullying other ethnic groups ~ WTF is that ish about? Check yourself in the mirror before you come for someone else wig. Let’s see your life on the big screen. Duh….who the hell told folks they are perfect and they’re asses are living in glass houses? Fall back dudes and dolls. Karma is a bitch….trust n believe that bantering spewing rant.
  • Why the hell folks up in folks bedrooms again? What the hell is going on your bedroom? Do tell!
  • Since I do not know anything about being anything but a black person. Ummmm….what is up with black folks tearing one another down? What is up with the bashing and bullying of African American women? Why are folks speaking up about ratchet shit? Ignore real shit that effects and tear down the local hoods? Huh?
  • Social Media groupie networks are dead. Useless. I have yet to witness how Klout and Kred is useful in my hood. Ummm…..those other social media measuring tools are copy cats. Duh.
  • XeeMe is a excellent social media phone book on the Internet though for keeping up with Social Media Handles.
  • What is up with diversity in Social Media organizations and corporations? Why is it strictly a 100% White Boys Club?
  • With all the diverse women in the world. Why aren’t any diverse women sitting on “ANY” 100 percent “WHITE BOYS” clubs?
  • Please Note: I don’t give a shit. Opinions, spewing bantering opinionated rants are like assholes. We all have one. This is mine.
fraud073a Time to Weed Social Media Groups



On a side note.: Instead of tearing down a successful working class individual. What about focusing on real shit.


 Time to Weed Social Media Groups

Where do you get your news? Should Be In Your Own Backyards.

Sleep on the stats, listen to fake media AND puedo blogs that claim to have heard from the source, follow fake news, tweet ratchet bullshit, smiley faces, bullshit on the streams, frown at those who talk reality, pants trolling at your feet, racial disparity, communities fuck up, kids on some asinine shit in your cribs, dumb down folks, talk against your countries, shoot your kids and others by buying guns your not willing to keep a eye on and leave in the open for your kids to shoot your family, who sleeping w who in the confines of their bedrooms….while dem folks laughing at you. Be ass out. Seriously….it is like that for real people.

WAKE THE FUCK UP NOW!  Are people that blind to what is happening on their doorsteps? Huh?

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