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micro bloggingsites2 Blogging | Tools and Tips for the Beginner BloggerHow can I get started as a blogger? What are the available tools available once I get my website live? When I first started blogging which was eons ago….I setup up a free website on the internet, lost interest and let the blog stagnate after about one or two post. That was about ten years ago….when I decided I really wanted to get serious about starting my blog and I was tired of saying I am going to start a blog. I did my research, post one post at a time and decided I was going to create a presence on the internet by starting thephotographer4you. Now I have a voice that allows me to chime in with all the cyberchatter online with the millions of other bloggers in cyberspace. I am not going to lie to you…it is a lot of work to blog.

Blogs are popping up in cyberspace every second of the day…it takes a lot of work, dedication and administrative housekeeping on the backend. Most new bloggers and veterans may not have a big budget to hire an in house staff to maintain their blog’s presence on the internet. Over the last two years there has been a slew of updates with the WordPress platform which makes several of the methods to run a blog outdated. Everyone starts a blog for a number of reasons and that is besides the point. It is what do you do once the blog is active and your live? How do you build traffic? What resources are available for your blog? Who is reading your blog? Do you accept payment on the blog? These are a few questions that I addressed when I first started thephotographer4you. I am still learning as platforms and plugins are updated daily. One thing a blogger should not do is measure the success of their blog and services based on another bloggers or professional photographer’s growth. That person started just like you….one digital image and blog post at a time.

  • Google Analytics should be a part of every blog that exist on the internet. It is free for business, personal and intranets. It measures the content of your blog and how well the content is performing. You can not store personal identifiable information such as social security numbers or names in Google Analytics. You can store data that group visitors together in different clusters. For intranets the groups can be categories such as divisions and departments. For websites it can be consumers and businesses. By grouping visitors you will be able to analyze how different groups behave. Content can be optimized to best fit its target audience. I have found that your never certain what interest a reader but have decided it is best to offer a variety of information.
  • Lijit Statistics search technology allows your readers to discover and engage with ALL your content: your site, your photos on Flickr, videos on YouTube, and your Twitter feed, all while promoting your personal brand. Your social-media content, rich media and network all combine to create a single search box that installs in minutes.
  • Apture Contextual Search keeps users engaged with your content by giving them the tools to search and share without even leaving your page. Give your readers the power to search the web for rich content from Google, Wikipedia, Amazon, Flickr, YouTube and others all through your site.
  • Atahualpa 3.5.3 released Is the best WordPress WP Theme on the Internet- free to download and fully customizable.
  • Public RelationsPRWeb, BusinessWire, Free PR, PRNewswire, The Counterintuitive CEO to promote your Blog. 20 Free Press Release Distribution websites.
  • Free classifiedsOodles, USFreeAds, Kijii, Craigslist, Backpage, Google of course.
  • Video online distributionTubeMogul, VBrick, VMix
  • Content DevelopmentGoogle Knol, EzineArticles, Buzzle, and eHOW. You can surf the internet for addition websites.
  • Social Media is the way we connect with others and promote our products and services on the Web. Facebook, Myspace, Orkut, Twitter, Plurk, Delicious, Digg, Stumbleupon, the list is long. My favorites are, Google Feedburner, Twitterfeed, Network Blogs, DandyID, Friendfeed, Tumblr, Meetup, Model Mayhem, CommentLuv and ShareIt.
  • Directories are places to inquire links for your blog….DMOZ, Yahoo, Google, Business, Best of the Web , GoGuides
  • A word about links- follow v nofollow links. Links that are marked with nofollow will not pass any value or increase the Google Page rank of the site’s page being linked to. Link to pages that are relevant, authoritative and trustworthy. There is nothing worse than getting linked to a spam, hacker and dead page that has hidden links…it will wreck havoc on your blog.
  • Alexa – is the web information tool is one of the best tool to get the 411 about any website on the Internet. You would be amazed to learn about the website your visiting on Alexa…..the information is a listing of all sites on the Web, sorted by traffic…Alexa computes traffic rankings by analyzing the Web usage of millions of Alexa Toolbar users and data obtained from other, diverse traffic data sources. The information is sorted, sifted, anonymized, counted, and computed. Get Alexa Sparky add-on for Mozilla Firefox and Explorer.
  • Flickr is my favorite online free and professional photographer posting website. SmugMug deserves an honorable mention but flickr remains my favorite. When I hear folks say if you TFCD you will receive exposure…..oh really! Flickr already shows you all the images that a photographer has snapped…
  • WordPress is my favorite publishing platform with a slew of WordPress plugins…..the king daddy for bloggers to get their blog on…..#Blogging
  • Paypal is the best way to collect money, send money and setup an merchant account on any website.

Bloggers must have the motivation, perseverance, persistence and something down on the inside of themselves who want to share information freely with others. Blogging is not for those who are looking for a get quick rich scheme and an overnight success story. My suggestion is to take care of your administrative housekeeping and establishing your brand on the internet by registering your handle on respective websites. Register your url and trademark. Happy blogging and thephotographer4you appreciates all the readers who stop by to check a sista girl cybernoise…..on this cyberstreet.

Thanks for visiting thephotographer4you®
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