Blog Spotlight “Fake Chuck Westfall”

Not everyone loves Canon as much as I do and that has gotten Canon bigwigs lawyer’s panties in a bunch. The “Fake Chuck Westfall” has really pissed Canon off and they have attempted to strong arm WordPress to get the WordPress blog taken down off of the Internet. Imagine that, here is a guy who gives his honest to goodness opinion about Canon products which I like by the way, I said that already. I wonder will I have a change of heart after reading the “Fake Chuck Westfall” WordPress blog. Now this is a WordPress blog beef that I will pull up a chair with my popcorn and Ciroc. I will start perusing the “Fake Chuck Westfall” to watch how this beef plays out. This is going to be interesting to read about in the next coming weeks. Most bloggers have very small budgets compared to Canon’s deep pockets. Who knew that the big boys could shake and stir up some noise over a fake blog about their products. Perhaps some of the information is true about Canon products that consumers like me need to know. icon smile Blog Spotlight Fake Chuck Westfall

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Fake Chuck Westfall

Read Thomas Hawks Digital Connection for the skinny about this beef.

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