Alert | Trojans Attack WordPress and Non-WordPress Websites

Trojans Alert | Trojans Attack WordPress and Non Wordpress WebsitesFor the past few days I took a break from blogging to catch up on some much needed time with myself by reading and kicking it around the crib. You know handling the mundane task of everyday living and doing computer housekeeping to update outdated software on my computer system. I stumbled across an article about trojans on the rise and WordPress blogs attacked by malware. Of course I heard about this several months ago but now it seems that the malicious malware is attacking non-WordPress blog websites as well. According to the article you don’t want to click on any of the websites because ugly things will start happening to your system….I would have to agree with them. I had a few viruses on my computer and believe me it is time consuming getting rid of it…more like annoying for a geekgirl like myself, however, some folks will run to the nearest Best Buy to have Computer Geeks handle the task of removing the malware. You will end up purchasing new software or purchase a new system depending on how much damaged is done to your system.  Perhaps that was my thought process. I removed the nasty malware off my computer myself and spents hours in a pissed off mode. Getting a virus of any kind can wreck havoc on a computer system and shut it down. This is a very interesting blog article with very useful information to prevent a malicious attack on your system.

BEWARE of trojans and I am not talking about the trojans men need to carry with them when they go out in the rain.

I wanted you to at least read this and beware of the links and to click on any links in the article with caution….some of us speed read and click before absorbing the information. I will take dudes advice and block the malicious websites….there are many folks on the internet claiming to be experts but this cat sounds like he knows what he is writing about. If your a glutton for wrecking havoc on your computer, go ahead and click the links that he suggested you do not click…I think he already test drove it himself for proof that the malicious trojans do exist…

For the past couple of weeks, owners of Web sites have been hit with a wave of attacks that surreptitiously infect unsuspecting visitors with a wide variety of malware types. The first wave inflicted rogue antivirus on unlucky victims, but late last week victims who visited infectious sites were redirected into a drive-by download site that pushes clickers onto a vulnerable visitor’s computer.

hqdefault Alert | Trojans Attack WordPress and Non Wordpress WebsitesThe affected web sites have been modified to add malicious, obfuscated Javascript code to the footer of each page. Some Web hosts are trying to notify customers or fix the problems. At first, the problem affected sites that run the open-source WordPress publishing system, but the attack has broadened into non-Wordpress (and non-blog) Web sites. The gobbledygook Javascript opens an iframe hosted from a different Web site, and the code that loads inside that iframe redirects the victim’s browser to yet another site, which loads the infection and executes it.

I’m going to name (domain) names in this post, so please, for your own sake, use this information only to block the domains at your gateway or in your Hosts file — don’t go visiting them just to see what happens. I guarantee you won’t like what happens.

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If Youtube can get hacked…imagine what a malware can do to your system if your software is not up to date. Matter of fact if you click on an unsuspecting link that causes a virus or an trojan to unleash nasty backdoor behavior on your computer than can rob you of your identity…it should make you think WTF!

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