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I have been using Atahualpa for this blog for at least 30 days when WordPress made updates version 2.8.4. It is a user friendly template and once you read, reread and than read some more, you can start tweaking and customizing the many features. A new 3 columns fluid WordPress theme. A few highlights: 3 columns, fluid 100% width with customizable sidebar widths, Changeable logo and header images, Widget ready, Options page with Auto SEO options and Valid XHTML and browser-safe. This template format and layout is easy to use and allows you focus on blogging with endless possibilities to change the style as often as you like. I search the Internet for a user friendly theme for quite a long time and when I found the Atahualpa theme I thought I stumble upon the ultimate WordPress theme template considering that most WordPress themes on the Internet had not been updated concurrently with the WordPress updates. Most of the plugins will work and with some patience you will learn which plugins are suitable for your blogging needs. My advice is stay clear of fake wordpress developers and the so call techie folks who overcharge for WordPress themes and SEO optimization services. It doesn’t hurt to donate at least $20 to these developers who put in volunteer energy and effort to provide working themes and technical support. I know I received a lot of technical support that far exceeded my donation and you will too! Oh yeah be sure to read the forums before asking technical support questions. There is likely someone who already asked the same questions. Don’t take my word for it, test drive it yourself. I am just the messenger!

Now another WordPress theme will be available soon according to the website.

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