There Are “1000 Ways To Die”

Last night I caught a marathon of “1000 Ways To Die” on Spike television. This is my third time watching the series and it is raw footage of actual deaths that have occurred. My eyes were glued the television set to watch the 30 minutes clips. I am amazed at the stuff that folks do minutes before their death. Some of the acts are accidental and than there are some that borderline on stupidity. It is good television and its breaks the monopoly of watching the same old Sunday night shows. One series show a women taking off her shoes upon exiting an night club, she walks barefoot less than a half block, there is water near an electric pole with wires hanging out of it, she touches the pole and BAM. Dead from electrocution. Her shoes could have saved her if she had them on. This show will make you take a look at your own everyday behavior because some of folks can do some very outlandish.

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