WATCH | The-OGs Married for 72 Years

 WATCH | The OGs Married for 72 Years

Long lasting love is positively an motivation to stay in matrimony when it has lasted as long as Barbara and Harry Cooper. The couple have been married for 72 years and still going strong. Their oldest and youngest grandchildren, Kim and Chinta, helped the couple start The-OGs (The Original Grandparents), featured on the Today show.

The OGs Cutie would like to send a message to the ladies who are reaching out to her for advice as they face difficulties in their love relationships: she hopes that she will be able to help with some old fashioned wisdom, but she’s not a sophisticated person and her secrets for success in love are very simple ones. Please keep an eye on the website, and she will answer as many of your questions as she can.

When I’m with her I always feel good… She cared for me, I cared for her, we respected each other - Harry Cooper

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