WATCH | Battered Women: Domestic Abuse

hqdefault WATCH | Battered Women: Domestic Abuse

October is National Domestic Violence Month..this video is only a glimpse of what is occuring behind closed doors to millions of women everywhere. This is someone’s wife, sister, aunt, mother and friend with two black eyes, blood shot retina, bruises on her forehead, neck and body…a fragile soul whose life is slowly being beaten out of her. She is alone in the bathroom, standing in front of her vanity mirror, silently praying for it to stop and whimpering inside while looking at the injuries and horrific wounds that a love one inflicted to her face, the blood pours out of her nose….she turns to look in terror towards…the abuser who is coming to hit her again? Do you know someone who is being physically abused? Are you this victim looking in a mirror trying to understand why? No women, child nor man deserves to be battered nor to suffer in silence nor pain. A powerful PSA video that conveys a powerful message about batter women who suffers domestic abuse behind closed doors.

Original Title: Coalition Against Battered Women: Domestic Abuse

This hard-hitting PSA from Dave Meyers and Young & Rubicam Chicago leaves a mark on the mind and highlights the physical effects of domestic abuse on women.

Agency: Y&R Chicago
Agency Country: USA
Creative Director: Ken Erke
Director: Dave Meyers
Production: (London)
Producer: Jim Bouvet; Brian Smego
Music: Emoto
Brand: Coalition Against Battered Women
The commercial titled Domestic Abuse was done by Y&R CHICAGO advertising agency for Coalition Against Battered Women company in USA. It was released in the September 2010.

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