Steve Harvey X-Wife, Mary Harvey Ranting Goes Horribly Wrong

How embarrassing is this public notice for Steve Harvey X-wife Mary Harvey. She has to be extremely embarrassed about lying about the sexual allegations purporting that Harvey was nasty and kinky with multiple mistresses during the marriage. Mary went on talk shows about how Steve cheated on her with current wife Marjorie;  left her broke; and denied her access to the couple’s son, Wynton.  The court ruled in favor of Steve Harvey in court against his wife for those Youtube allegations.

(1) Mary Harvey was not left broke or destitute by Mr. Harvey after their divorce in 2005. She was paid $40,000/month until March 2009 and then paid a lump sum of $1.5 million;

(2) Mary Harvey was not left homeless after her divorce from Mr. Harvey in 2005. She was awarded three (3) homes in their property settlement;

(3) Mr. Harvey is the primary custodian of their 13 year old son, whom Mary Harvey willingly put on an airplane to his father. Mary Harvey sent him to his father without Mr. Harvey’s knowledge; and

(4) The 2005 divorce of Steve and Mary Harvey was granted on the grounds of irreconcilable differences and his current wife was not named in the original divorce proceeding nor was she the cause of the marital break-up.

Documents here.

steve marjorie harvey Steve Harvey X Wife, Mary Harvey Ranting Goes Horribly Wrong

It ain’t over:

Marjorie Harvey plans to sue Mary Harvey for defamation of character.

“As a wife and a mother, I cannot stand back and allow the defamation of my character or actions that will malign my family,” Marjorie says. “I will do what I need to do to the greatest extent of the law.”

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