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With the Prom and Wedding season approaching at full speeds…..individuals with a budget to maintain may consider going to the cosmetology school for their beauty services. These are excellent services for the do it yourself women and students who simply want spa pampering day at an affordable budget. Before you turn your nose up to going to a cosmetology school where the services are performed by students. I recommend giving an individual that first opportunity to satisfy your needs before dismissing them as inexperience providers of service. Everyone of us had to have that first client who absolutely fell head over hills for the services provided. In the beauty industry and most service related industries – it always start with the client and building up an clientele.

I can tell you some horror stories about beauty and hair services rendered by high end beauty providers that I paid for that made me want to gag after the service was rendered.

An average bride spends $183 on hair and makeup. Besides worrying about her own hair and makeup, it is usual custom for the bride to cover for the whole bridal party.

For the girls preparing and attending the Prom. You need to calculate extra money for hair accessories, jewelry, pocketbook, boutonnière, photographs, possible party money and tips for your driver or food servers. With all these expenses prom can easily reach $1000. To keep the cost down do your own hair, make up or attend Aesthetics Institute of Cosmetology for inexpensive beauty and hair services .

Note: The Aesthetics Institute of Cosmetology school is an excellent resource for models who need the hair done and prepping for a photo-shoot.

The students who are under supervision of licensed instructors perform all services.: They cut, trim, and style scalp, facial, and body hair; apply cosmetic preparations; perform manicures and pedicures; massage the head and extremities; and prepare for practice as licensed cosmetologists in specialized or full-service salons. Hair cutting and styling, manicuring, pedicuring, facial treatments, shampooing, chemical applications, shop management, sanitation and safety, customer service, and applicable professional and labor laws and regulations.

00000127d828d883098f21ce007f000000000001.1266588115 2ded4b01ee Happenings Around Town| Aesthetics Institute of CosmetologyAesthetics Institute of Cosmetology  program prepares a diverse group of  individuals to cleanse, massage, and beautify the human body and to function as licensed  skin care specialists. The students are train and provided instruction in skin anatomy, physiology, and health; principles of nutrition; decontamination and infection control; health and safety; facial and body massage; body wrapping and spa treatments; temporary hair removal including waxing and tweezing; color and skin analysis; client consultation and care; applicable laws and regulations; business practices; and sometimes related alternative healing regimens.

Aesthetics Institute of Cosmetology

Shady Grove Rd – 301-330-9252

Lake Forest – 240-631-2220

Hair Services price range from $10 for a haircut to $60 for cornrows (add hair)

Chemical Services price range $25 for Bleach to $60 for Curl Restructure – jerry curl

Nail Services price range $7 French Manicure to $8 for Basic or Oil Manicure

Waxing Services price range $8 Waxing or Threading (eye brow) to $15 for full face

Skin Care Service (At Shady Grove Only) price range $20 for Back Facial (45 min) to $30 European Facial (60 min)

Please note Wave Noveau and other special products are not available at the school but if you take them in they will apply them for you. The only thing left off the list was make-up application…inquire at the school to find out if they perform those services.

This is a sampling of the services you will receive at the school….there were too many to list in this post but you get the point.

 Happenings Around Town| Aesthetics Institute of Cosmetology
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