DMV Faces of Design Makeup Artist Kim Reyes

Kim Reyes DMV Faces of Design Makeup Artist Kim Reyes

Kim Reyes Makeup Artist iPhone 4S Photo Delores Randall

I had the pleasure of meeting makeup artist Kim Reyes when visiting my sister crib a couple of weeks ago. My niece consulted with Reyes for her upcoming nuptials. We had an delightful time learning about various brands of makeup products, watching and listening to Reyes about makeup tips and tricks. I absolutely love her detailed work. Kim Reyes is absolutely in a class all by herself. Girl is the “TRUTH.”

I ain’t one to brag and neither is ole girl….but Faces By Design has a real to do following. What you know about that in the DMV? Get your faces done and beat to perfection done for your photoshoot. If you want to play with the big girls. TRUST & BELIEVE! Otherwise you just playing in makeup…your hurd. HA…this doll right here you should have on speed dial.

I arrived a few minutes late to the makeup consultation. When I arrived Reyes was setup with a studio light, her makeup was professionally displayed, she was answering and asking questions. One thing we all noticed was Ms. Reyes was extremely clean about applying makeup and handling her makeup tools. I noticed some makeup artist are not clean when applying makeup to their clients face.

Hint. If an makeup artist start applying makeup to your face, don’t ask any question, show up late, no lighting, assume you like their work, did I mention don’t ask questions, does not and have not worked with a diverse crowd, no portfolio of images for your review and again did I mention don’t clean as they apply. Run to the nearest exit….oh seriously!

I would show you Reyes bridal consultation work on my nieces. I promised my niece and sister I would not post any images that I snap while she prepare for her nuptials. All I am going to say is “tranformed into a gorgeous swan.” After bo boo baby girl is married then I will post all the beautiful images. In the meantime you can check out Kim Reyes Faces of Design Makeup Artist at her own website. You will be blown away…TRUST & BELIEVE. Ole girl is the truth….all I know is there are somethings in life the adage rings true. You get what you pay for…..

kim reyes 2 DMV Faces of Design Makeup Artist Kim Reyes

Faces of Design Kim Reyes DMV Makeup Artist

Contact Kim Reyes Faces of Design, Makeup Artist Print, Video, Film, Grooming and HD for a personal consultation 301-254-5282 DC/MD/VA

FYI: Ms. Reyes is an professional makeup artist. The doll does not do TFCD, freebies and she is not your five and dime makeup artist. Do not call her and insult her with bullshit inquiries. Needless to say….anyone that hires

For all you wannabee models that send me emails and inquiries. If you hire Ms. Reyes. I may quickly jump out of my comfort zone to dust off my Canon DSLR camera, plug in my lighting kits in my private photography studio and offer a discount price for photography services. Otherwise, I might as well snap iPhone images to upload to my Instagram aaccount, tweet about the food I eat, blog opinionated rants and raves, talk shit to my husband,  get on my kids nerves, be an faithful wife, enjoy the bliss of being an pre- empty nester mommy, thank the lord for my graceful aging, pat my cat, walk my dog, cook up dishes in my kitchen, garden if I can get up from the computer long enough to dig a hole in the ground and be my witty wonderful and delightful self in cybersphere. Oh well…..boredom never felt soo good.

justsaying only then I will take upcoming models and test photo shoots serious if you take you’re taking your modeling career serious. Know what I am putting down here….hmmmmm


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