WATCH | ‘The Lazarus Effect’ Film from (RED) & HBO

hqdefault WATCH | The Lazarus Effect Film from (RED) & HBO

Executive produced by Spike Jonze, this (RED), HBO & Anonymous Content 30-minute documentary follows the story of HIV positive people in Africa who in as few as 40 days undergo a remarkable transformation thanks to access to treatment that costs around 40 cents a day. Directed by Lance Bangs.

Today at Mashable’s Social Good Summit, Susan Smith Ellis, CEO of (RED), took to the stage to announce the organization’s next goal: To use social media to help ensure that no children is born with HIV/AIDS by 2015.

(RED) has already successfully employed social media to get its message across. As Ellis points out, the organization doesn’t exactly have a high marketing budget, so it “requires a high level of engagement” to raise awareness. To do so, they strive to humanize the cause by telling stories. “Social media will be the engine of our success,” she says.

The most recent effort was The Lazarus Effect, an HBO documentary about the effect ARVs can have on people with HIV/AIDS. The film was directed by Lance Bangs and executive produced by Ellis and Spike Jonze.

social media day 799x255 WATCH | The Lazarus Effect Film from (RED) & HBO

According to Ellis, the film has been viewed by more than one million people since it debuted in May. The film was also featured on (RED)’s iPad app [iTunes link]. In case you haven’t seen it, we’re embedding the documentary below. Check it out and keep an eye on (RED) to see what efforts are on the horizon when it comes to meeting its next goal.

(RED), in partnership with Mashable, also announced the first annual Social Good Day, which takes place on September 23.

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