WATCH | Perez Hilton Address Miley Cyrus Photo

Joy Baher interviews Perez Hilton and he address the Miley Cyrus controversy…..he basically said people “are getting upset over an image they didn’t see.” Not soo fast….dude does not realize the digital images were all over the Internet and when bloggers got wind of the backlash he received they removed the images from their websites..who needs the drama for real. Miley Cyrus name has been coming up lately in the media and this incident is interesting to say the least. I love it when Joy Baher ask him “are you scared,” and Perez stated “NO.” What is odd in my humble opinion is Perez does not think he would receive backlash from his sponsors…surely a slap in the pocketbook will give anyone a reality check. Had it been me posting Miley Cyrus with no underwear on…I am sure no one would have noticed but the few readers on my blog but than again the legal ramifications are simply not worth the cybernoise from posting an underage naked girl on thephotographer4you. I wonder if Billy Ray Cyrus, her father going to publicly attack Perez like he did with Jamie Foxx? What is interesting about this discussion about Miley Cyrus digital photos circulating the Internet is that the BP spill in the Gulf digital photos of the helpless oil covered wildlife did not get this much media…uh huh!

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