WATCH | Miley Cyrus on David Letterman

I am really listening to this young girl….this young lady is taking a media beating from bloggers and any one who is not on her steez. WOW! Most 17 year old girls emulated Miley and look up to her….her appearance on David Letterman lets folks know she hates twitter? I am sure that had something to do with the recent digital images of her posted by the most hated celebrity blogger “Perez Hilton” not wearing underwear..I am sure a lot of folks would have frown when I was dancing with my gay bestie at a nightclub and hanging out with my hair down…according to the streets and Miley Cyrus, that is what she was doing? Because it is the “IT” thing to kiss folks on the lips publicly and she is only emulating those who are already doing it but not what she is about nor is she the slutty Miley Cyrus that bloggers are making her out to be as she venture into adulthood…..but truthfully it is time to back off from this youngish and Disney starlet. It’s just entertainment and that is what she does…right? Miley Cyrus is at the next stage of her development and growing into adulthood was never easy for any teenager, just ask any of the starlets in the limelight. I am an parent watching from the sidelines as my husband and I raised two teenage boys walking into adulthood and believe me it is not easy watching them develop into their roles of adulthood. I can only hope for the best outcome for their lives…isn’t that what most of us want for our youngsters? There you have it…that digital image on twitter was not Photoshopped by Perez Hilton. For the record according to the blogger she was wearing underwear and that he manipulated the digital photo was a bunch of hogwash folks….now we can get off of her jock and his. Know what I am saying….? We currently live in a world of bloggers spinning a story, social media, Facebook, Twitter, debauchery, Photoshop and pop culture…uh huh!

Side note: She is mature and glam up for a 17 year old teenage girl…fact, fodder, media control, selling records or is she for real? Miley doesn’t look like a child…in fact she looks like a well put together 17 year old child about to turn women in the next couple of the months “WOMEN!” I would be a little worried if I was Perez Hilton unless of course this has blown to the sideline overnight on the Internet…however, it is the emphasis that she was a 17 year old girl on the Letterman show for me that had me pondering….now did he really overstep his blogging boundaries. Time will tell!

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