WATCH | Fantasia Barrino Discussion About Suicide Attempt

 WATCH | Fantasia Barrino Discussion About Suicide Attempt
Former American Idol starlet  speaks on Good Morning America about her last life episode over a decision to end her life and wants forgiveness for her selfish act! She admits she wanted to end her life! This is a deep conversation for a number of reasons. On one side folks are stating don’t judge Fantasia and on the other side there are those who frown upon her relationship with a married man calling the singer a homewrecker. I get that she has personal issues…we all do but to take your life and now admit it? I am going to leave this alone…..Barrino is in the celebrity limelight and there will be a whole lot of conversations about her as long as she on the center stage. Is she a victim of a cheating lying man? #JUSTSAYING #Fantasia…. story is really deep! Fantasia’s her new album Back To Me out in stores today. What is extremely disturbing is when an artist life starts to coincides with their craft… imitating life? I was listening to Fantasia speak on her suicide attempt this morning on the Steve Harvey show and the encouraging words from the entire 96.3 on air staff. Not everyone is going to accept #Fantasia suicide attempt with open arms, nor the victim role when deciding to commit suicide. #JUSTSAYING I get that part about we all made mistakes but deciding to take one’s life is a bit extreme and too freaking deep. Oh yeah…..a lot of women been with married men and did not know it. Uh HUH! Fantasia stans can’t get mad when folks openly speak on their dislikes….a critical conversation works both ways. Now the million dollar question is “Is Fantasia Going to Continue” her relationship with this married man? That’s what I am sure a lot of folks are dying to ask…or is this a publicity stunt to sell albums? Listen to full Back To Me CD. #Music Fantasia album cover is the truth….I love her bangs and makeup!
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