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These 2 Youtube videos are the best tributes befitting the “King of Pop”, an excellent collage of pictures, audio clips from him, Janet and beautiful his music. One of Michael Jackson fan put this together video together on Youtube. It is absolutely beautiful and representative of the life that the “King of pop” during his rein as an superstar the public witness. Watching all the memorials and reading his fans comments on other folks blog allows me to think he was truly loved but he gave up once he was accused criminal charges. I am amazed at the unity of his fans all over the world despite the color of their skin. That in itself is powerful of what he really stood for as an human being. Michael Jackson touch the world like no other celebrity has during my lifetime. I can’t name any celebrity that died while I have been living that received this amount of condolences in my life. I have been pondering about other celebrities life and burial when they went to the other side. Nothing comes as close to Michael Jackson memorial. All I can say is well done fans, family and friends for allowing Michael Jackson to be buried with dignity. Now that he passed away we need to give the family their privacy while they mourn the loss of their family  member. You would want the same thing too if you lost your love one. Michael Jackson family deserves that much at least from all of the fans and mainstream media.

My heart aches truly feel for his mother, father, sister, relatives and his children. The Jackson have a extremely large family tree. Papa and Mother Jackson are from the era were women had kids and you simply survive with what you have, his father gave him all he could with what he had at that time. They held thier head up high and stayed on their grind…that is Papa Joe mentally. He made an honest living and recognized his children talent before they knew it and nurtured it from there…which made them the superstars they are today. How he went about raising his kids and promoting their talents may not sit very well with others but he persevered.

Mother Catherine the “Matriarch” of the Jackson family. She bereaves another one of her babies and that has got to hurt her heart. This strong African American mother , wife, aunt, grandmother and matriarch birth ten children to a man she loved and stayed with in regardless of his shortcomings. It is not our place to label, defame and ridicule Joseph Jackson despite Michael stating that he received whipping from his father during one of his interviews. Joseph did not spare the rod with any of his children…now that is the only thing that rubbed me the wrong way about Michael. He used his father’s name and allowed the media to bash and attempt to tear apart his family based on the media point of views.

When I was growing up I always heard this phrase spoken by my eldest relatives that a child passing before a  parent can lay heavily on the heart and it is an extremely sad burden on ones shoulder to carry. At the end of the day the entire Jackson family are still human beings who are force based on their celebrity to put on a stone face for the public, to appear standing strong and unified. The entire Jackson family has always been publicly  judge under a microscope about their private lives in tabloid trash magazines and mainstream media. I believe the entire Jackson family, fans and friends need to mourn right now privately without all the backlash from the media and blogs. If you don’t have something to say nice about Michael Jackson who was the “King of Pop,” it is best that we don’t say anything at all at this time! His passing makes me reflect on my life and the love ones that my family lost suddenly and unexpectedly with any warning sign. It rips your heart out literally and can leave you breathless.

R.I.P “King of Pop”

Part 1

Part 2 with his fans and Janet speaking to the world about her famous brother.


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