Video of the Day | @ChrisBrown Michael Jackson Tribute!

hqdefault Video of the Day | @ChrisBrown Michael Jackson Tribute!

BET Awards – Chris Brown’s Tribute to Michael Jackson
The buzz on the cyberstreet and has tongues wagging across the Internet this morning.: Chris Brown was the highlight of the evening @betawards 2010. Brown tribute to Michael Jackson was dead on pull from Jackson’s look at 1988′s Grammy Awards. Jackson’s brother Jermaine introduced Brown, who popped up on stage in a blue shirt, black slacks, white socks, and Jackson’s trademark black loafers. I was up on my feet dancing along with Chris Brown in memory of Michael Jackson. Kudos to #BETBREEZY for giving Chris Brown the opportunity to do what he does best and that is perform. To see the young cat dance and breakdown with raw emotion made me think – he is human and man can only hold it in for so long, remorse will drop a man to his knees. When he started crying I was holding on to a bit of hope that he would pull it together but as we all witnessed..that was the real deal breakdown tears streaming and I can’t hold the cry back mode. It has been hell of a public beat-down for the young cat….time to let all that go and move forward with his replenishing his wavering career. I am sure there are many of us in the world who don’t want to be constantly reminded of all the ish we have done….the difference is Chris Brown shit is laid out on a pubic stage because of his celebrity and ours is behind close doors from prying eyes. I will believe him until he fucks it up and until than everyone deserves a second chance including Chris Brown….Welcome back #teambreezy

The 21-year-old returned to the stage later in the show when he won the AOL “fandemonium award.”

“I let you all down before, but I won’t do it again. I promise you,” he said.

Highlights that is worth gossiping about the day after the show.:
  • Kanye West opened the show atop a volcano onstage.
  • T.I. in his first TV performance since being released from prison in December. Backed by Travis Barker on drums, T.I. performed “Yeah Ya Know,” and later returned to the stage to sing “Hello, Good Morning” with Diddy-Dirty Money, Rick Ross and Nicki Minaj, who won for female hip-hop artist.
  • Jada Pinkett Smith wearing hot pants and well toned thighs and that hair was the truth.
  • The Queen did not disappoint with her outfit changes and raw realness.
  • T.I. poking fun at himself when making an announcement with Queen…..sometimes you have to do that simply for the haters. Life goes on after the mistakes has been made.
  • Eminem and Keisha Cole was a surprise collaboration. I was totally feeling the music performance…. B.o.B. was joined by Keyshia Cole, and later Eminem, on “Airplanes.” Eminem continued with his new single, “Not Afraid,” backed by a gospel choir.
  • It was nice that Alicia Keyes was recognized for her raw talent….for real! She won for female R&B artist and best collaboration for her song with Jay-Z, “Empire State of Mind.”
  • Trey Songz open public affection toward his mother was endearing….mad respect for her!
  • Steve Wonder noticing Prince dancing and stating that it was long overdue for Prince to be recognized….yeah this brother does not get enough accolades and neither did Michael Jackson when he was alive. Time for the industry to wake up before folks pass away and than you want to reward them…whassup with that? Seem to be the case across the board in most industries…
  • Nikki Manij does remind me of “Lil Kim” when she first popped up on the scene but with the next generation flavor to her swag. The similarities are there but she does have her own steez. Oops! Let’s be real….her and Kim need to do a collaboration together to shut it all down….girl power! She was right about that part. “Thank You To All The Female Rappers That Paved The Way For Me”
  • Drake did not do it for me at all….I don’t get it.
  • Kirk Franklin, and the “A” list of gospel singer and the gospel choir brought Jesus in the house…..we all need some anointing from time to time.
  • Tyrese singing renditions of Teddy Pendegrass….sexy chocolate man.
  • The surprise guest for me was El Debarge with his fine ass and that wavy hair, classic…..that brother can sang and he still has it. He singed “I Like It,” “Time Will Reveal” and “Rhythm of the Night.” He returned later to perform the title track from his new album due in the fall, “Second Chance.” Talk about comeback….he is from way back in the day but he hasn’t missed a beat with his lovely falsetto voice.
  • Ludacris was surrounded by female violinists and backed by Tommy Lee on drums as he performed “My Chick Bad.” Then, a marching band joined him on stage — as did DJ Khaled, T-Pain, Ross and Minaj — to close the show with the rousing “Hands Up.”
  • Serena Williams won sportswoman of the year and LeBron James was sportsman of the year.
  • Beyonce, Jay Z and Rihanna noticeably absent from the show? Winners of award for video of the year for “Video Phone,”Beyonce and Lady Gaga and Rihanna won the viewer’s choice award for her song with Young Jeezy, “Hard.”
  • Patti Labelle is a grand dame for real….when she kicked off her expensive Christian Louboutins shoes and Prince got it….lord have mercy that women is the truth!
  • Prince acceptance speech was sincere and heartfelt. That is one humble brother and his voice is sexy.
  • BET’s Music Matters initiative.
  • BET shined a spotlight on four citizens who are contributing to their communities through education and outreach.
My favorite highlight from the Bet Award show was when John Legend was presented with BET‘s humanitarian award for his work on the Show Me Campaign, which aims to eradicate poverty worldwide through education and health care. He challenged his peers to become humanitarians as well.”There’s a lot of money, fame and influence in this room tonight,” Legend said. “So I say to all of us: We can do better, we can make this world better. Let’s not waste this opportunity.”

@BETAwards afterparty was an added touch to television that we normally don’t get to watch after an award show. It was late starting but never the less…very interesting and unscripted. Overall the show was a hit and the afterparty was full of sponsored Ciroc, celebrities buzzing with excitement and energy; and Diddy Beats.

BET Award Blog Juice.:

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