Steve Harvey is the “Original Kaang of Comedy”

I admire “Steve Harvey’s” one of the original “King” of Comedy response to the Katt Williams comedy beef bullshit. I will continue to follow and laugh at Steve Harvey’s comedy and listen to the Steve Harvey morning show. I have lost respect for Katt Williams with creating this unnecessary tension toward a professional comedian and a false beef against a man who has made his livelihood from comedy to take care of his family and a few friends over his 20 plus years career in comedy. Mr. Harvey is the original “KING” of Comedy along with the other 3 Kings of Comedy. I had the opportunity to listen to Katt Williams on YouTube and basically he cursed out Steve Harvey on the stage on New Year’s eve. It sound like unwarranted personal attacks toward Mr. Harvey opposed to the Comedy showdown championship he had promise that would take place on New Year’s eve against his opponent. I did not hear any genuine comedy that would consider Katt stand-up on New Year’s eve a success. His ideal of comedy was tearing someone down and hating on them. This is not cute and it damn sure ain’t comedy. Nor is it funny! I call that Nigger shit!  If anything it was offensive behavior and very unprofessional. The word on the street is that some of the attendees from the show voiced the same this morning to Sheryl Underwood who was hosting on the “Jamie Foxx Foxhole” show. I heard Steve Harvey had new jokes and did a nice job. He did exactly what he said he would and that makes him an honorable man. I am glad that Steve Harvey did not go behind Katt Williams and defend himself against the bullshit beef. It appears that Katt Williams is suffering from the “crabs in a barrel” mentality instead of using that energy to build a positive network and relationship with Steve Harvey. I did not find any humor in any of the so-called comedy championship that he created to perhaps stage his comeback after his debacle. Perhaps he is attempting to cause havoc so that the public can forget that embarrassing episode that landed him in mental institution facility he ran to after he came down off those drugs he was taking. Not to mention he was wearing a robe, slippers and towel on his head before being cart off to the mental institution facility by the police. Oh yeah, what about that gun charge he still has to face in court? He had to come up with something to put himself back in the limelight. Maybe he has lost his mind. Based on the media reports that I have read, Katt Williams hasn’t been professional and fulfilling his professional commitments for quite awhile. Remember the ish with BET, that whole uproar that landed “T-Pain” a gig he was not looking for but he was only to glad to perform the job duties for the award show. At the end of the day it doesn’t matter what “Kat Williams” thinks about in regard to comedy or Steve Harvey. One thing is for certain is Steve Harvey will continue to perform and sellout arenas doing what he loves to do best and that is making folks laugh. First of all Katt Williams can’t give him heaven or hell therefore skat, skat Katt Williams and go back to that mental facility to get your head right. It is a terrible thing when folks start burning their bridges and they haven’t been in the game long enough to boast longevity. I am sure this is Mr. Harvey’s sentiment toward the whole bullshit comedian showdown championship to declare who is number 1. He don’t need it!

What is a crab in a barrel? I found this fable on the Internet and thought it was an excellent illustration of the term.

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