Seal releases his new album Soul

This video is a must watch for everyone. I really had to reflect on the past and I am hopeful that a change is going to come. Seal dedicated this video to Barack Obama. I grew up on Seal. I love his sound then and I love it now.

Clay Cane wrote on his blog that on November 11th, Seal releases his new album Soul, which is a collection of covers from Otis Redding to James Brown. There is also a cover of Sam Cooke‘s “A Change Gonna Come,” which was recorded 45 years ago. Please check out the the video below, which is a tribute to Sen. Barack Obamathe imagery is striking and reiterates the importance of Tuesday, November 4th. Read more at Clay Cane

Snatched from: Clay Cane

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pixel Seal releases his new album Soul

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