Mark Curry Dishing The Dirt on Diddy

Nowadays people are dishing dirt on celebrities lifestyles and how they became famous. Allegedly, Mark Curry, author of “Dancing with the Devil: How Puff Burned The Bad Boys Of Hip Hop”exposes the nitty gritty of doing business with Diddy aka P. Diddy. Why do we really care how Diddy conducted his business with up and coming artist who signed to his label? I blame the people who enter into the contracts they signed blindly and than want to talk smack afterward. The best suggestion I can tell you is read the fine print before signing your life away. Or hire an entertainment attorney to go over your contract. This book is suppose to be a tell all about Diddy doing business but not in a positive light. I guess he pissed Curry off or someone in their inner circle….huh!

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