Lady Gaga A Knockoff or A Marketing Genuis?

Lady Gaga got everyone’s tongue wagging about her latest ideal to use real dead corpses in her upcoming tour. Word on cyberstreet Gaga is fascinated by the work of Gunther von Hagens, the scientist behind the infamous Body Worlds exhibition, where real people were preserved and put on display. I saw the “Body” exhibit in Las Vegas last year and it was a bit different to say the least for a lack of a better word….my husband sat it out while I looked around in amazement and curiosity about how Hagens convinced folks to become exhibits after they are dead. No picture taking was allowed in the exhibit and I wonder why? Now Gaga is talking about using the Body Worlds dead bodies for a show….what next?

CNN discusses Lady Gaga….is she a copycat or a creative individual? More like a performer who gets off on shocking folks with her behavior and outlandish outfits. Madonna was edgy but she was not weird and I can’t even begin to fathom the thought of her wanting dead corpse on stage during a show….this next move on Lady Gaga seems a bit over the top…..she is beginning to remind me of a Amy Winehouse with her over the top antics but just a bit more dressed up with makeup and a marketing machine behind her pushing the envelop.

Click here Gunther von Hagens, to catch a glimpse of Body World exhibits.

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